Sunday, August 9, 2015

My Storyboard Reel - The Fisherman

Just uploaded a storyboard animatic I've been working on for my portfolio! 



Ayumi Sophia said...

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Vincent Langella said...

Really enjoyed the clip! Nice story and I liked designs of the characters too!! Loved the action sequences, the pacing, camera angles and brief pauses to show the characters' expressions! You did enough that that it was clear how the end product would look!

This bit reminds me of a trade paperback called "Monsters! and Other Stories", created by the talented Portugese cartoonist, Gustavo Duarte that was printed by Dark Horse Comics. He, too, had an old man as the protagonist(a seemingly unlike choice for a hero). However, his hero not only went up against a tentacled monster but two other giant behemoths as well in the same story. It was like a fun romp with Godzilla-type monsters in a Looney Toons vibe. It's a 152 page story with a 13 buck cover price but can be brought for less on Amazon or (as it came out in 2014). Enjoy!

And again thank you for your very entertaining short!

Unknown said...

Very cool work!
Love your art! I'm a CARtoonist, but mostly draw vehicles.